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Adnan Iqbal
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Musaib Abdullah
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Sahil Tariq
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Farhan Mushtaq
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Salik Farooq
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Mohsin Majeed
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Faizan Arif
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Muneez ul Mehraj Usmani
Marks : 487
Nouman Bashir Shah
Marks : 487
Junaid Javad
Marks : 488
Tawseeq Mushtaq
Marks : 491
Peerza Mohammad Rabel
Marks : 492
Yehya Bilal
Marks : 492
Mohammad Shahnawaz
Marks : 494

School Magzine

Fire and Emergency Week By the grace o f Almighty a workshop under the title of “ How to prevent and Control fire” was organized by Fire and Emergency Department of Jammu and Kashmir on the 16th April 2019 in R.P.Schoool Boys Wing Srinagar. The programme started with the recitation of Holy Quran followed by Natipak. Soon after this the honorable guest , the Joint Director of said Deparment, Mr B.A Shah presented a valuable talk on the subject ‘How to control fire in early stage and what steps the people should take in case of fire or earthquake.’ The personals from his department showed demonstration, before a large gathering including the teachers and the students, on how to control fire when there is leakage in gas cylinder or short circuit. The students appreciated the guest for his talk by giving loud applause. In the end the principal of R.P School Boys Wing paid a vote of thanks to the guests. https://www.facebook.com/295971254553769/posts/409414143209479/